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The Bagel Class


The Bagel Class the only baking workshop in Montreal that will teach you how to make Montreal bagels!
10am and 2pm Thursday to Sunday - Two hour Workshop

$80 Here
$85+ everywhere else

1500+ five star reviews on Airbnb Experiences and winner of the 2022 Viator Experience Award!

About me

Hi! My name is Will Paquet

I’m a Québec born world traveler and baker. I have spent more than half my life living over in Vancouver and overseas. I've acquired knowledge in many places around the world which has made me a well rounded baker. I have recently moved back to my roots here in Québec and am hoping to spread the love and passion I have developed over the many years for artisan Baking. I've been a daily baker for more than half a decade now and I've developed techniques to make artisan baking accessible and easy for first timers!

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Montreal bagels are world famous for their shape, taste and texture. A trip to Montreal isn't complete until you've tried one of these amazing bagels. So why not try your hand at making them yourself? I will teach you the secrets on how to make some deliciously unique and authentic Montreal style bagels at home, the easy way.

We will start by learning how the ingredients used affect the Bagels and the final result. Then we will all measure our ingredients using scales. After that, I will show you how to properly mix and knead the dough which you will do on your own right after me. I have adapted the best Boulanger (Bread Maker) techniques to the home kitchen so you will become a confident baker at home in no time!

After mixing the dough, we will learn how to shape the bagels, boil them, dress them up with various toppings, bake them and finally eat them fresh out of the oven! Not many things can beat eating freshly baked and delicious Bagels that you have made yourself right out of the oven.

You will leave with a detailed recipe to take home.


The whole workshop is two hours.

This workshop is also a great activity for team building and corporate events. Message us for more info! 

Will's bagel making class was great and the highlight of our trip to Montréal! His class was fun, relaxed and easy to follow and it was great chatting to Will and the other guests while we made our bagels. Would definitely recommend!

Antony via Airbnb

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